You’re Going To Love Steve Madden’s Svelte VALINTIA Boot

Dual zippers, a Chelsea shape and luxurious leathers combine together to create the Steve Madden Valintina boot - a basic shape that finishes a look effectively and subtly.

These boots are just the thing for scampering through soggy lanes, jumping over piles of snow or even avoiding oncoming traffic during a jaywalk (not that I endorse that sort of thing). These boots for the wild and wily run at $290 per pair, and are available in sizes 6 through 11.

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  1. I just got a pair and I do love them,they fit well all over even on the calves. The only thing is they make noise when you walk,like a pony.No I don't walk heavy and they don't feel clunky.Idk but Hopefuly this will go away with more wear or add a thin rubber to the sole but other than that they are perfect for fighting off the elements and keeping your feet & legs warm while looking fab at the same time. Just know they will hear you coming!

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